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Basilica San Clemente Rome

Basilica di San Clemente: All about Catholic Church in Rome

Officially known as the Basilica di San Clemente al Laterano, this basilica is located near the Colosseum. Like many great historic buildings in Rome, the church finds itself built on ruins - in fact, the Basilica of St Clement is built on not one but two sets of ruins! Background Originally a domestic home to [...]

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Damnatio ad Bestias in Rome

Damnatio ad Bestias: All About Roman Executions at the Colosseum

This gruesome method of capital punishment was one of a range of crazy “blood sports” practiced by the Romans at the turn of the millennia. Starting in the first century AD, not only Damnatio ad Bestias was a way to deal with criminals, but also a form of entertainment for Rome’s masses! What's the Damnatio [...]

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Ludi Romani Games

Ludi Romani Games: Religious festival in Ancient Rome

Just what is a Ludi - or a Ludi Romani? Well, the Ludi Romani was a religious festival that took place in September of every year in ancient Rome. The exact origins of the festival are disputed. Some credit it to the Etruscan King Tarquinius Priscus who conquered Apiolae, others to Roman victories at lake [...]

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Naumachia Colosseum

Naumachia in Rome: All about Ancient Sea Battles

What on earth is a Naumachia? Never heard of it? Googling it now because you saw it on a brochure about Rome? Well, we have the lowdown right here. Read on to learn the history of the sea battles... What was a Naumachia? The Naumachia (plural naumachiae) was a show sea battle that would take [...]

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Domus Aurea in Rome

The Domus Aurea Rome: All about astonishing Nero’s palace

You want to know more about Domus Aurea ? In 64 AD, Rome suffered a great fire. It was the summer, and the blaze lasted for nearly 10 days. It is estimated that over 66% of the city was destroyed. As the majority of Rome’s buildings were wooden framed, only 4 districts escaped devastation. Rumours [...]

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Velarium Rome Colosseum

Velarium Colosseum Roof: The Truth about Roman Awning Architecture

The Velarium was basically the olden day equivalent of a sunshade. You know when you’re in Spain and you see the apartments with the little orange terrace shades? Kinda the same thing, except ancient. And huge. The most famous Velarium was the Colosseum awning, which offered protection from the burning Roman sun to spectators. What [...]

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Munera Rome meaning

Munera Ancient Rome Meaning & Less-known facts

The Munera Rome were personally funded games and leisure activities, sponsored by members of the local elite. Unlike the formally organised state Ludi, the Roman Munera were entirely paid for by private citizens. Doing their civic duty I suppose. Before those pesky officials got involved at least. Read on to learn all about it! Munera [...]

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Curia Julia building

The Curia Julia: All about Ancient Roman Senate Building

The Curia Julia is one of the oldest senates, or “senate houses'' - known as a Curia in ancient Rome. It is the third such construction of a senate, commissioned by Julius Caesar in 44BC. It replaced the second senate - the Curia Cornelia - and construction was completed after Julius Caesar was killed. It [...]

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The Lapis Niger information

Visit Black Stone Forum Rome: The Lapis Niger

In Ancient Rome, the open air meeting space was known as the Comitium. Here, voting was done and assemblies met to discuss the business of the day. This was the place where decisions were made! The Lapis Niger was a shrine within the Comitium. It is one of the only surviving parts of the structure, [...]

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Basilica of Maxentius in Rome

Basilica of Maxentius in Rome: Tickets, History & Reconstruction

The Roman Forum’s largest building was the Maxentius Basilica. Located along the Via Sacra - the main thoroughfare of the Roman Forum - the building turned heads. Its design and features became the base for painters, designers, architects and builders for centuries after its construction in 312 AD. The Maxentius Basilica ancient Rome was the [...]

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