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How to skip the line to visit the Colosseum top attractions

Domus Aurea in Rome

The Domus Aurea Rome: All about astonishing Nero’s palace

You want to know more about Domus Aurea ? In 64 AD, Rome suffered a great fire. It was the summer, and the blaze lasted for nearly 10 days. It is estimated that over 66% of the city was destroyed. As the majority of Rome’s buildings were wooden framed, only 4 districts escaped devastation. Rumours [...]

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Curia Julia building

The Curia Julia: All about Ancient Roman Senate Building

The Curia Julia is one of the oldest senates, or “senate houses'' - known as a Curia in ancient Rome. It is the third such construction of a senate, commissioned by Julius Caesar in 44BC. It replaced the second senate - the Curia Cornelia - and construction was completed after Julius Caesar was killed. It [...]

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The Lapis Niger information

Visit Black Stone Forum Rome: The Lapis Niger

In Ancient Rome, the open air meeting space was known as the Comitium. Here, voting was done and assemblies met to discuss the business of the day. This was the place where decisions were made! The Lapis Niger was a shrine within the Comitium. It is one of the only surviving parts of the structure, [...]

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Basilica of Maxentius in Rome

Basilica of Maxentius in Rome: Tickets, History & Reconstruction

The Roman Forum’s largest building was the Maxentius Basilica. Located along the Via Sacra - the main thoroughfare of the Roman Forum - the building turned heads. Its design and features became the base for painters, designers, architects and builders for centuries after its construction in 312 AD. The Maxentius Basilica ancient Rome was the [...]

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Vesta Temple reconstruction plan

Temple of Vesta Inside Look, Location & History Facts

Vesta was goddess of the home and family, and the Temple of Vesta, Tivoli, was a structure honoring her. Amongst the greek inspired columns, the sacred fire of Vesta burned. It’s noted for its unique circular shape and can be found within the confines of the Roman Forum. Read on to find out more about [...]

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Roman Arch of Titus

Roman Arch of Titus Tour, Architecture & Ticket Information

It’s not the Arc de Triomphe. But it does kinda look like it to the untrained eye. The Arch of Titus was built in the first century AD and is dedicated to Titus. The brother of Domitian, Titus received the Arch posthumously in recognition of his wins in battle. In 71AD a military campaign sacked [...]

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The Colossus of Nero

The Colossus of Nero Today & Nero’s Statue Colosseum History Facts

A few meters from the entrance to the Flavian Amphitheatre (the Colosseum), there lies a marble inscription that marks the spot where the gigantic Colossus of Nero once stood. One of the most legendary pieces of Roman architecture and construction, the statue has a rich history and facts to cater to the curiosities of the [...]

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roman forum entrance header

How to visit Roman Forum and skip the line ? (Updated)

Visiting the Roman Forum is a must if you’re visiting Rome’s historic centre, but it’s one of the most popular tourist sites in Rome, which means it can get pretty busy. The last thing you want is to spend any longer than necessary queueing for Roman Forum tickets, so here’s some more information about how [...]

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colosseum facts header

Colosseum facts and history: why is the monument so popular ? (Updated)

What about some Colosseum facts ? The Colosseum is still impressive in its grandeur, even in the world of skyscrapers. The tourist attraction is one of the most iconic buildings in Italy and is depicted on the Italian version of the five-cent coin. 4 million tourists visit the attraction a year making it the world’s [...]

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Colosseum by your own way header

Visit the Colosseum by your own way: plan your visit ahead

Travelling with family and friends can be rewarding, insightful and the best fun. So many might think that travelling abroad alone or in your own way is a less enriching experiences than with others. Yet many globetrotters will tell you that travelling by yourself forces you to experience thing that you would have done if [...]

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