About the Colosseum

History and architecture about the Colosseum Rome

Ludi Romani Games

Ludi Romani Games: Religious festival in Ancient Rome

Just what is a Ludi - or a Ludi Romani? Well, the Ludi Romani was a religious festival that took place in September of every year in ancient Rome. The exact origins of the festival are disputed. Some credit it to the Etruscan King Tarquinius Priscus who conquered Apiolae, others to Roman victories at lake [...]

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Naumachia Colosseum

Naumachia in Rome: All about Ancient Sea Battles

What on earth is a Naumachia? Never heard of it? Googling it now because you saw it on a brochure about Rome? Well, we have the lowdown right here. Read on to learn the history of the sea battles... What was a Naumachia? The Naumachia (plural naumachiae) was a show sea battle that would take [...]

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Colosseum aerial view Rome

The Colosseum Aerial Views & Side Views: Don’t Miss this Beauty!

As an emblem of Roman expertise in architecture and engineering, the Colosseum offers several awe-inspiring views. Built almost 1950 years ago, this magnificent tourist point is always surrounded by thousands of visitors adoring its grandeur. How huge this building is and for what the purpose the Colosseum was built, here you’ll find the answer to [...]

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colosseum facts header

Colosseum facts and history: why is the monument so popular ? (Updated)

What about some Colosseum facts ? The Colosseum is still impressive in its grandeur, even in the world of skyscrapers. The tourist attraction is one of the most iconic buildings in Italy and is depicted on the Italian version of the five-cent coin. 4 million tourists visit the attraction a year making it the world’s [...]

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