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Julius Caesar grave in Rome

The Julius Caesar Grave in Rome : Facts & All You Want to Know

Want to visit Julius Caesar grave while in Rome? In this post, we are going to show you how. This powerful general ruled as a dictator over Rome for only 5 years before being assassinated. But his legacy was strong - he was a pivotal factor in the fall of the Roman Republic, which led [...]

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Church of Santa Sabina in Rome

Church of Santa Sabina In Rome (History Facts & Architecture)

Built in the early 400s, the Church of Santa Sabina is one of the few examples of traditional Roman Basilica construction that exists today. It is most famous for the magnificent carved wooden doors, the oldest in Christian art, but is a stunning piece of architecture in its own right. The Short History of the [...]

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Caelian Hill in Rome

Caelian Hill In Rome (History Facts, Attractions & Tickets)

Many tourists visit Rome on a spiritual pilgrimage, a culinary adventure, or vacationing on the shores of Mediterranian beaches. The Caelian Hill belong on the list of important attractions. The undulating hills represent more than historical and cultural significance to locals and visitors. With our guide, you’ll enjoy the Mediterranean air and explore the monuments of [...]

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Villa Celimontana

Villa Celimontana In Rome (History Facts & Things to Do)

The gorgeous Roma Villa Celimontana is the perfect place for an afternoon or early morning escape. These carefully restored grounds offer moments of peace and tranquility amongst a hectic tourist itinerary in Rome. Read on to learn more about its stunning beauty. The History of Villa Celimontana fountain_villa_celimontana Villa Celimontana Rome was created from a [...]

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San Lorenzo In Miranda in Rome

San Lorenzo In Miranda In Rome: History, Tickets & Things to See

Famous as the Church within a Temple, San Lorenzo in Miranda is a seventeenth century baroque church. Originally known as the Temple of the Deified Antoninus Pius and Faustina, it is a must visit for any trip to Rome, here is everything you need to know about this wonderful church. The History of the Church [...]

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Villa Farnese guide

Villa Farnese in Caprarola: History, Facts & Guided Tours

The Villa Farnese looks pretty interesting from the air. It’s shaped like a pentagon with a 5 sided courtyard in the middle. It sits imposingly over the town of Caprarola, which is located just over 50 kilometers from Rome. It is known for its renaissance style architecture and striking appearance. If you are looking for [...]

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Piazza Venezia in Rome

Piazza Venezia Rome: History, Statues & Things to Do

The Piazza Venezia is one of the most famous local meeting points and traffic crossroads in the city of Rome. The famous shopping street Via del Corso and the architecturally rich Via dei Fori Imperiali both run off the intersection. The Piazza Venezia buildings themselves are also important sights and landmarks. Let’s explore them together [...]

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Arch of Septimius Severus

Arch of Septimius Severus in Rome: Facts & Visiting Tips

Today, you're going to learn what makes Arch of Septimius Severus so special. In one of our last guides we told you all about the Arch of Titus - a first century monument that looks much like the Arch de Triomphe in Paris. Now, we will check out another one - the Roman Arch of [...]

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Forum of Augustus in Rome

Forum of Augustus: Everything About Fascinating Ancient Forum

The ancient Roman Forum of Augustus was one of Rome’s imperial fora. Mostly built on parts of Augustus’ own land, the forum housed the Temple of Mars Ultor and various statues. It was also a place that held legal proceedings, especially as the Roman Forum became more and more crowded. Notable for its vast collection [...]

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The Temple of Saturn in Roman Forum

The Temple of Saturn In Rome: History Facts & Why Was the Temple Built

Consecrated in 498 BC, the construction of the Temple of Saturn is believed to be one of the oldest of such sacred structures in Rome. It is rumoured to have been built on an even older existing altar to Saturn that existed on the same spot. In order to honour the god Saturn - who [...]

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