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Colosseum height in feet

The Roman Colosseum Height in Feet – The Height of Colosseum Walls

One of the most iconic landmarks and a center of attractions to thousands of tourists from around the globe in modern-day Rome, the Roman Colosseum stands as the largest amphitheater in the world till today. In size, The Colosseum height surpasses all those built in the Roman regions of North Africa or those of Eastern [...]

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Colosseum by your own way header

Visit the Colosseum by your own way: plan your visit ahead

Travelling with family and friends can be rewarding, insightful and the best fun. So many might think that travelling abroad alone or in your own way is a less enriching experiences than with others. Yet many globetrotters will tell you that travelling by yourself forces you to experience thing that you would have done if [...]

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where to buy colosseum tickets Header

Where to buy Colosseum tickets ? Admission and Price

You want to know what is Colosseum tickets price ? Traveling to Rome and visiting the world wonder that is the Colosseum is an amazing experience, but it’s one that’s worth planning in advance. Just like any city, Rome is always bustling with people, and with the Colosseum being Italy’s most popular and most visited [...]

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