Largo Di Torre Argentina

Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome: Caesar’s Death, History & Cats

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What's the Best Way to Experience Largo Di Torre Argentina?

Rome walk at night

In our honest opinion, the very best way to explore the Largo Di Torre Argentina is to simply walk around, taking in the sights.

However, you will uncover many more fascinating aspects of history—and perhaps learn more about Caesar's assassination—if you book this ticket. You get reserved entrance to the Largo Argentina excavations, the Curia of Pompey, and the site of the assassination of Emperor Julius Caesar.

Tip – There aren't any official guided tours exclusively for this attraction. However, you can opt for one of Rome City's guided tours, which will give you a glimpse of this area, ensuring you don't overlook it. Yet, if you're craving detailed insights about Largo di Torre Argentina, booking this ticket is your best bet.

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Location And How To Get There

The postcode of the square is 00168 Rome, and you can get there by bus or metro. It is not far from the Pantheon and the Roman Forum so you can generally hit off this attraction pretty easily.

Bus 64 is your best bet, or you can take any metro to Termini and then make the leisurely 25 minute walk over to the Largo Di Torre Argentina. To get your bearings, check out this Largo di Torre Argentina Map.

Largo di Torre Argentina Tickets & Opening Hours

This is an open air square, so you can visit there at any time to enjoy the atmosphere.

You don’t need to worry about Largo di Torre Argentina hours, or the attraction being closed. It’s a great thing to do in Rome any time of the year.

Largo Di Torre Argentina Square Archaeological Area Today

Largo Di Torre Argentina square at night

The Largo di Torre Argentina complex today is the result of a cleanup operation at the turn of the 20th century.

The majority of the buildings were demolished – apart from the Torre del Papito. During these works, significant archaeological findings were uncovered. This formed today's Foro Argentina.

Today, you can see not only the Torre del Papito in the Largo Argentina Rome, but also the 18th century Teatro Argentina and of course numerous ancient Roman structures discovered as part of the excavations.

The #1 Reason Why Largo Di Torre Argentina Is Important

The main reason why this place is so important is due to its significant ancient Roman attractions found during renovations of the area.

So, it is an area of huge historical significance, compounded by the fact that Julius Caesar was assassinated here.

The Largo di Torre Argentina Caesar assassination location was in the Theatre of Pompey. It was here that Julius Caesar was stabbed an estimated 23 times during a sitting of the Senate by various members.

So, the Largo di Torre Argentina Julius Caesar death in 44 BC had already put the square on the map long before Burckardt developed the area.

Things to See Largo di Torre Argentina

Got time to visit this square?

Then you will need to know about what attractions are visible when you go. We’ve got you covered.

Teatro Argentina

This 18th century theater is built over the Theatro de Pompey – the spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Built in the 1700s, this theater and opera house is one of the city's oldest, and is still in use to this day. Nowadays it mainly shows drama works and plays, with less time being dedicated to operas or musicals.

Theatre of Pompey Largo Di Torre Argentina

Rome’s original theater, thought to have been constructed in 55 BC, just in time to host the assassination of Julius Caesar.

There is not much left to be seen of this ancient attraction, as it has largely been engulfed by the surrounding structures. Still, it plays an important part in Roman history.

Temples A, B, C, D

This is a collection of 4 Republican time temples that Pompey incorporated into the original structure of the first theater. Temples A, B, C, and D are all at least partially visible in various states of excavation.

This particular area is known as the Sacred Area, as it not only includes these 4 temples, but also a newer addition that Pompey had created as a shrine to his own deity.

Largo Di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

The square is not just famous however for its ancient and fascinating history. There are also more modern facets to the area, including the Largo Di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary.

The people of Rome have a soft spot for cats, and now they roam freely around the ruined temples and take shelter from the heat in their shade. They are not short of care – hundreds of cats in the area are fed by local women. There is even an Italian word for such ladies- gattare.

🐈 Now, the cat sanctuary in Rome is an organization, staffed by volunteers who look after many sick and injured cats at the Roman Cat Sanctuary Largo Di Torre Argentina.

Largo Di Torre Argentina Reconstruction Facts

At the turn of the 20th century, not long after Italy had become a unified country, it was decided to reconstruct the area known as the Largo di Torre Argentina.

During the renovations, a huge head and some arms from a marble statue were uncovered. This led to the discovery of the temples and the other ruins in the square.

Top Tips from Locals for Visiting Largo Di Torre Argentina

Visiting Largo Di Torre Argentina

Make sure you bring comfortable shoes when visiting these attractions – not only is there a lot of walking involved, but the streets are uneven.

Tip – The locals we spoke to recommend visiting this attraction either first thing in the morning or later in the evening – when the place is less densely packed with tour bus and cruise ship passengers. In the summer, you need to make sure you have appropriate gear to protect you from the sun.

What are the Nearest Attractions to Largo Di Torre Argentina? (Walking Distance)

There is lots to see in and around this area – that’s why the site is such a good place to incorporate into a generic walking tour of Rome.

Here are some of the other attractions around the square.

  • Jewish Ghetto – Historic area of Rome and home to the synagogue, the Mouth Of Truth and not to mention some amazing local food places. This is a much overlooked area of Rome and truly reflects the city's Jewish population's history.
  • Pantheon – Former Roman temple and currently part of the Catholic Church, this is one of the oldest continually used structures in Rome and features a hole in the ceiling known as an oculus, from which you can see the sky.
  • Tiber Island – An island in the middle of the Tiber in Rome, connected by bridges. In the summer it is home to a pleasant outdoor cinema festival which attracts locals from miles around.

Looking for a Place to Eat Near Largo Di Torre Argentina?

Eating in Rome near Sacred Area

There are plenty of places to eat in and around Largo Di Torre Argentina.

If you fancy a quick pizza and other traditional Italian fayre, then look no further than Rossopomodoro Roma Largo di Torre Argentina for fuss free food.

Pasta fans will love Pasta Eat Pasta Poke, located on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. This place is perfect for a quick bite over lunch, offering fresh quick ‘to go’ pasta. The queue is often round the block here, and locals love it too. Expect to be able to get two meals and two drinks for under $20.

The Short History of Largo Di Torre Argentina in Rome

The square is named after a 15th century master of ceremonies – Johannes Burckardt– who worked for no less than five popes during his career.

Why isn’t it called Burckardt Square you say? Well, it's not that straight forward.

Burckardt came from Strasbourg – which in Latin is Argentoratum – so he got the nickname Argentinus. So, the square actually has nothing to do with Argentina at all!

In fact, the Largo di Torre Argentina Rome is named after the tower that Burckardt built on the palace he made for himself on the current spot. There is still a tower in the square today – the Torre del Papito – but that is not the original.

Top 3 Places To Stay Nearby Hotel dei Barbieri

Like with the food, there is no shortage of accommodation options in and around this area.

Here are 3 of our favorites.

Largo di Torre Argentina Apartment

Situated right in the heart of the Torre Argentina area, this 2-bedroom apartment offers an ideal option for those seeking a bit of space. It's an excellent choice for groups of four, providing great value compared to booking multiple hotel rooms.

Cozy Studio Apartment

If the first apartment is booked, then try our second option, which has quirkier decor and a similar price, but only sleeps 2. This cozy studio apartment has a multicolored decor and is perfect for couples.

Hotel dei Barbieri

Largo di Torre Argentina hotels are few and far between, and the area seems to have its fair share of apartments instead. So if you find availability at the Hotel dei Barbieri during your stay, then snap it up! The best part about this gorgeous hotel is 2 min walk from Largo di Torre Argentina.


frequently asked questions faq visit colosseum rome

How to find the Largo di Torre Argentina cats?

It’s pretty much impossible to miss the cats from the sanctuary when you are in the square - there are an estimated 200 of them. They especially enjoy sunning themselves on the ruins!

What did the Largo di Torre Argentina originally look like?

The square originally held a palatial home for a papal master of ceremonies and included a tower.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Largo di Torre Argentina?

No - it is a public square.

Is it possible to walk around these ruins?

At the minute the walkways are closed for excavation - the council wants to develop official paths so tourists can get closer to these interesting ruins in the future.


Largo di Torre Argentina is an interesting outdoor attraction in Rome and one of several free things to do in the city. Now, head on over to some of our other resources to see how you should manage your budget with the like of a city pass.

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