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How to best organize your Colosseum trip

colosseum hours exhibition

Colosseum hours: informations, transports, events and security

The Roman Colosseum is one of the most impressive and most well-known monuments to have survived from the classical era. It is the largest amphitheater in the Roman world and is the most visited cultural site in Italy. The Colosseum has accumulated over 7 million visitors in the year 2017 alone. But do not fret [...]

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best restaurants near colosseum rome header

10 of the best restaurants near the Colosseum in Rome

Many people when they visit Rome like to go to the Colosseum as it’s the largest amphitheatre ever built, dating from 72AD. Romans take their food and wine very seriously so you will never be stuck for somewhere to enjoy a good meal, in fact at times it can be overwhelming. If you’re looking at [...]

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bars near the colosseum Header Bar Rome

The best bars near the Colosseum where to relax and have a drink

Exploring Rome’s Colosseum is an amazing day out, but it’s one that involves a lot of walking, and after a few hours of marvelling at this world wonder, you might need a place to sit and relax with an ice cold drink, a hot coffee, or maybe even something a little stronger. So you’ll be [...]

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hotels near colosseum rome header

Hotels near Colosseum Rome: the best places where to stay

Rome, the capital city of Italy, stands as the most attractive city in the country. With numerous tourist attractions, the city of Rome has stood the test of time and continues to captivate visitors from all over the world. While in Italy, consider visiting this precious city for the ultimate experience. Explore its beautiful streets, [...]

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colosseum tours underground header

Colosseum tours underground: why you should consider booking this tour

A trip to Rome is incomplete without a visit to the Colosseum, the most popular site in the city. The architectural wonder that stands majestically in the middle of Rome is aptly named after the Greek word kolossós, meaning a statute of massive proportions. Although some of the original marble, brick, and travertine façades have [...]

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colosseum tours at night header

Colosseum tours at night: why Colosseum by night worth it

The Colosseum is impressive at any time of day, but at night, it’s somehow even more magical. When the sun sets, the huge amphitheatre is lit up from within, so it’s beautifully illuminated. But you don’t just have to admire it from nearby, you can actually visit and go inside the Colosseum at night. The [...]

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best time to visit colosseum header

When is the best time to visit Colosseum Rome

For first-time visitors to Rome, the Colosseum is often top of the itinerary and for good reason. The gigantic amphitheatre, built over 2000 years ago, is the most recognizable icon of the Roman Empire. There’s a lot on offer at the Colosseum and its surrounding attractions. Set aside at least half a day to explore [...]

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Forum Boarium header

Forum Boarium tickets and tips to get the most of your visit

The Forum Boarium is an area of Rome where you can see pieces of Roman architecture still standing amidst the modern day city. The Forum is an affordable sightseeing location, and with these Forum Boarium facts you’ll be able to plan the perfect trip. What is the Forum Boarium ? The Forum Boarium is actually [...]

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where is the colosseum Header

Where is the Colosseum and how to get there

The Roman Colosseum, originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, was commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in 72 AD but was not completed until AD 80.  The Colosseum is located east of the Roman Forum and is 188m long and 156m wide. It is one of the most iconic buildings in Europe and is considered by many [...]

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gladiator colosseum header

Gladiator Colosseum: know the History of the Roman’s Games

The origin of the gladiatorial games is still a matter of debate amongst historians. Many believe the concept is descended from the Etruscan custom of making human sacrifices to celebrate the death of a nobleman. When did the Roman Gladiator Colosseum games start? When the Colosseum games started they were strictly connected to religion and [...]

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