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Hotels near Colosseum Rome : 11 best places where to stay (+ interactive map)

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You want to book hotels near Colosseum Rome ? Rome, the capital city of Italy, stands as the most attractive city in the country. With numerous tourist attractions, the city of Rome has stood the test of time and continues to captivate visitors from all over the world. While in Italy, consider visiting this precious city for the ultimate experience.

Explore its beautiful streets, sun downs, and explicit tourist attractions, Rome has what it takes when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, stands as one of the main tourist attractions in Rome. This is an oval Amphitheatre in the middle of the capital, a suitable place for fun and enjoyment. Learn also why visiting the Colosseum here.

The area around this beautiful place is quite favorable for residence. With a suitable environment and numerous landmarks, staying in the Colosseum neighborhood is both fulfilling and exciting. These are some of the best Colosseum neighborhoods one might consider residing at.

Choose where to stay in Rome from among the best hotels near Colosseum Rome.

Map of the Best Hotels Near the Colosseum in Rome

Rome propose a large list of hostels, from premium quality to budgets hotels. But Rome has the best 5 stars hotels in Italy as well, for those who wants to fully enjoy their stay and have the budget. Hotels near Colosseum Rome are by far the best around Italy. Here is a list of the best hotels near the Colosseum.

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Best areas where to stay and find hotels near Roman Colosseum

We choose to recommend you only two of all the Rome’s neighbourhoods. Termina and Pantheon disctricts are for us the best places where to stay near the Colosseum.


Also known as Esquilini, Termini is one of the cheapest places to live. The area has low population which is quite safe. You can walk out at need without any worry.

This is the main terminal and is hence a convergence area for many travelers looking to visit areas within Rome.

There are numerous metro stops and bus connections in Termini. Also, the area has many churches and museums.


Filled with hotels and restaurants, Pantheon is one of the best places to live in for adventure lovers. This area is a bit expensive to stay, with luxurious accommodation that is worth the money. High cost of living is also contributed by the area’s great ambience and convenience.

hotels near colosseum rome Esquilini District

Budget hotels close to the Colosseum

For an average lifestyle hotel, consider visiting these hotels around the Colosseum. Purchase skip-the-line tickets for your convenience.

1. Vesta Domus Rome

Vesta Domus hotel Rome

This 3 star hotel is located 200 meters from the Colosseum. It charges $64 per night and has averagely designed facilities to fit the needs of an ordinary visitor (click here to check availability). If you’re looking to save some extra bucks, this is an excellent destination for you. Among its features are;

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Mini fridge
  • Safe
  • Hair conditioning and heating

2. Imperial Rooms Hotel

hotels near colosseum rome Imperial Rooms Hotel

Located right opposite the Colosseum, Imperial rooms hotel is perfect for mid-range budget. It charges $74 a night per person (check last price here) which is quite affordable.

Its rooms are decorated with hand-painted furnishings, and Jacuzzis are readily available.

Several attractions are within a walking distance so there no much hassle when it comes to getting to your favorite spots from within.

You can also find this hotel on

Great value for money hotels near Colosseum in Rome

3. Hotel Terme Olimpia

hotels near colosseum rome

If you are looking for a typical classy Roman style, the Hotel Terme Olimpia is a very good choice. The price range is about $115 a night (check last price here) for two people in the high season.

The rooms are full equipped and you can enjoy a continental breakfast. The rooftop with it panoramic view over Rome is what we prefer in this place.

It is approximately 500 meters far from the Colosseum.

4. Arena House – Daplace Collection

Daplace - Arena House

This lovely hotel is 5 minutes walk from Colosseum. From $150 per night (check availability on this page) for a double room you can stay there in a peaceful atmosphere. The location of the accommodation it is main advantage.

You are also close to the Rome top attractions. Unfortunately, the hotel don’t include the breakfast, so why don’t just try one in the city center? The wifi is available and free of charges.

5. Valle Hotel

Valle Hotel Rome

Located close to the Colosseum, Piazza di Spagna, and Trevi fountain, Valle Hotel is one of Rome’s best. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, restaurant room service, and excellent laundry services.

Visitors prefer setting camp at this hotel because of its affordability and closeness to the Colosseum. It offers $100 per person (check last price here) for a single night’s stay. In this comes full breakfast and excellent reception, plus a number of tourist attractions around its vicinity.

6. Hotel Italia

Hotel Italia Rome

Hotel Italia is located in the heart of Rome close to the Quirinale, Spanish steps, the Colosseum and Termini station. It has free high speed internet, concierge, breakfast, and is a no smoking hotel.

Hotel Italia is an exclusive and elegant destination to offer you and your loved ones a comfortable stay while in the city of Rome. Consider selecting this hotel and be sure to leave completely satisfied with the services delivered.

The hotel charges $100 a night for a single person (check real-time availability here).

High-range Hotels near the Colosseum Rome

7. Hotel Colosseum

Hotel Colosseum

This luxurious hotel offers a price range of $150 to $200 a night for a single person. But if you are travelling to Rome in the low season, such as in December, they propose amazing offers!

You can book a double room for around $70 per night (check last price here).

It has free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and well trained multilingual staff that cater well for visitors. It is located in the middle of Rome, close to the main tourist attraction, Colosseum. Staying at this hotel is quite convenient; it is a walking distance to Colosseum.

This magnificent hotel lies at one of the highest points of Esquiline Hill. You can enjoy the view from their chill rooftop.

8. Amalfi Hotel

hotels near colosseum rome Amalfi Hotel

This is a fairly small hotel found just a few minutes from the Colosseum. It has perfect air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, minibar, and breakfast included. Visitors get to see Basilica and Piazza Santa Maria on their way from the Colosseum to Amalfi Hotel. Stopping by these places won’t harm.

Visit the fairly priced hotel and get what’s worth your money. Amalfi is undoubtedly one of the best average hotels all over Rome, with facilities that match top standards and fairly priced foodstuffs.

Consider staying here and save some extra cash. Prices are $180 to $200 per night for a double room (check availability on this page)

Luxury hotels near Colosseum Rome

Colosseum has the best luxury hotels around Italy. For big families with a huge budget, this extra cost ensures full satisfaction and fits all the travel needs, all in one package.

As much as they may be expensive, setting camp at these 5 star hotels is worthwhile. With the best of the best accommodation services, what more could a guest ask for. Where to stay around Colosseum matters.

Purchasing skip-the-line tickets is suitable if you need to book a room at one of the best hotels near Colosseum Rome. These are some of the top hotels around the Colosseum

9. Palazzo Manfredi

Palazzo Manfredi Hotel Rome

Located at the foot of the remains of gladiator arena, Ludus, Magnus, Palazzo Manfredi is one of Rome’s best when it comes to service delivery.

Its upgraded rooms have Colosseum view and it is fitted with an American bar.

Visit Palazzo Manfredi and experience the best. Charges are $651 per night (check last price on this website).

Top features include :

  • Marble bathrooms
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Free Wi-Fi, among other facilities

10. The Inn at the Roman

The Inn at the Roman Rome

This hotel is located 12 minutes from the Colosseum. The charges for this hotel are quite high, with prices ranging from $1850 during the low season and $1950 during high peak.

Free breakfast buffet is offered in a rooftop garden with panoramic city views. The Inn at the Roman is one of the highest charging hotels in Italy for it offers the best of all other hotels.

11. Hotel Mecenate Palace

Hotel Mecenate Palace Rome

Enjoy peaceful nights at the heart of Rome while at the Hotel Mecenate Palace. With a splendid rooftop bar and roof garden restaurant, Hotel Mecenate Palace provides the perfect environment for a serenous vacation.

What’s more, the sky bar has a wide view of the beautiful city of Rome.

Prices range from $224 to $500 for a single room to other outstanding features of the hotel include:

  • Elegant rooms with air conditioning.
  • Private garage parking.
  • Rooms with panoramic views to the city.

Overview of the best hotels near Colosseum Rome

Hotels Budget Average Price / night Booking
Vesta Domus Rome Budget $64/2p Book a room
Imperial Rooms Hotel Budget $74/1p Book a room
Hotel Terme Olimpia Great value for money $115/2p Book a room
Hotel Italia Great value for money $100/1p Book a room
Arena House – Daplace Collection Great value for money $150/2p Book a room
Valle Hotel Great value for money $100/1p Book a room
Hotel Colosseum High-range $150-$200/1p Book a room
Amalfi Hotel High-range $180-$200/2p Book a room
Palazzo Manfredi Luxury $651/2p Book a room
The Inn at the Roman Luxury $1850/2p Book a room
Hotel Mecenate Palace Luxury $220-$500/1p Book a room

Airbnb: The Perfect Colosseum accommodations

hotels near colosseum rome Airbnb

As stated, a high number of favorable hotels near Colosseum Rome. Low income earners may choose to stay at Vesta Domus Rome while high income earners may find The Inn at the Roman quite convenient. It all depends on the size of your pocket.

At Airbnb, you will find the best accommodation at the most affordable rates. Booking has never been easy! Moreover, you can save up to $47 by registering via this link.

Find the stay of your choice and place an advance on it at Airbnb. Complement your stay at the city with a cozy bed, nice breakfast, and amazing views from your temporary area of residence.

How to enjoy your trip and save money at a Colosseum Hostel ?

It is always important to mind how you spend your money. Cutting on extra costs while at the same time getting the most of your money is to be considered if you’re looking to enjoy your trip and save money. Where to stay around Colosseum matters a lot. Find a place that fits your budget and spice up your stay with a little of averagely priced services.

Rome is definitely a fun place to be and with lots of entertaining sceneries. Hotels near Colosseum Rome are undoubtedly the best. Finding where to stay around Colosseum is really not a hard task. Just follow these guidelines and find your perfect fit. Book a room online and enjoy your stay in the beautiful city!

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