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It’s not the Arc de Triomphe. But it does kinda look like it to the untrained eye. The Arch of Titus was built in the first century AD and is dedicated to Titus. The brother of Domitian, Titus received the Arch posthumously in recognition of his wins in battle.

In 71AD a military campaign sacked Jerusalem, and the Roman army celebrated. The Titus Arch is designed to celebrate this win, and depicts a number of scenes from the events.

Back to the Arc de Triomphe – perhaps the most famous of all arches. It was actually modelled on the Arch of Titus! So,it really does have a claim to greatness. You can visit the Arch as part of a tour to the Roman Forum and Rome Colosseum.

Arch of Titus History

History info Roman dome

Built at the bottom of the Palatine Hill, and standing at 50ft tall, the Titus Arch is made from different types of marble. It is inscribed with dedications to Titus, and then updated with notes about a later refurbishment. On the arch, marble carvings of the spoils of war in Jerusalem are depicted.

Despite some damage to the arch, you can clearly see the Arch of Titus Menorah and other treasures being carried off. On the other side of the Roman Arch of Titus, Titus can be seen riding victorious on his chariot.

Over time, the arch began to degrade. Eventually, in the 19th century, it was extensively renovated with travertine and updated with a new inscription.

What does the Arch of Titus Rome symbolise for Romans?

Symbol of Arch of Titus

It represents the power of the height of the Roman Empire. It became an important symbol of Roman power.

It also highlighted the eventual coming together of different regions and peoples under the Roman Empire. Finally, it stamped the Flavian dynasties mark on the landscape of Rome.

The Arch of Titus Architecture Details

Arch of Titus architecture details

Unlike arches made in Greek style, traditional Roman arches allowed passers by to walk UNDER the design, thus checking out its architectural glory.

There are three reliefs on the arch, each depicting a different scene. It is thought originally some of the designs were painted in a yellow ochre.

The Triumphal Arch occupies not only a prominent place in the city of Rome, but also in the Romans minds!

Reconstruction plans

In 1821, it was time for the Arch to get a bit of a spruce-up. Neoclassicism architect Giuseppe Valadier was selected for the job. He restored the arch with travertine, so that the additions could be clearly seen.

As part of the reconstruction, an inscription detailing why the restoration was undertaken was added. This inscription can be clearly seen on the opposite side to the original.

A closer look at relief sculpture

Firstly, a relief comes from the Latin verb “relevo” – meaning raised. Basically, it’s an architectural technique that is used to give the sculptures the impression of being raised about the background of the sculpture. In the “Arco di Tito” case, the relief at the top of the arch shows Titus in his full glory.

On the sides, 2 further reliefs show Titus and his father Vespasian. One is the famous relief with the Menorah, being carried off amongst other spoils of war. It is thought that they were painted a golden color. The other shows Titus the Victor on a horse driven chariot.

What is the Arch made of?

The Arch is made from beautiful pentelic marble. On top of that, the 19th century Arch of Titus reconstruction has been done in travertine, so that it looks slightly different to the original pieces.

All the details about Arch of Titus inscription

Inscription details

We’ve mentioned briefly the inscription that was added when the arch was restored. Here it is in it’s full english translation.

This monument, remarkable in terms of both religion and art,
had weakened from age:
Pius the Seventh, Supreme Pontiff,
by new works on the model of the ancient exemplar
ordered it reinforced and preserved.
In the 24th year of his sacred rulership.

There is an original inscription too, added when the arch was built.

It reads:

The Senate and the Roman people dedicate this monument to the deified Titus Vespasian Augustus, son of the deified Vespasian.

Fascinating Arch of Titus facts – that most people don’t know

Roman history facts
  • the treasures that are showing being looted in Jerusalem – including the candelabra – were never found. Rumour has it they ended up at the bottom of the Tigris.
  • the Arc de Triomphe is not the only arch modelled on an Arch of Titus drawing. India Gate in New Delhi and Patuxai Victory Gate in Laos too contain design elements from the Arco di Tito
  • Nobody really knows who designed the Arch. However, it is thought that Domitian’s favourite Architect Rabirius was the orchestrator.

How to Get Arch of Titus Tickets

Arch of Titus ticket info

There are no specific tickets needed for the Arch.

However, as it is located within the Roman Forum, you will need a ticket for this. Combi Roman Forum and Colosseum Tickets for adults to the Roman Forum are €18 for a 24-hours validity.

If you are aged 18-24 and are from the EU you can get a standard ticket for €2 +€2 online reservation fee. Children and Seniors are free.

Get your tickets online before you go. Perhaps you would wish to save time, if so, book a skip the line ticket online here!  It's only €2,50 more expensive and comes with an audio guide. We highly recommended this option!

There are also premium or combo tickets available (like this one), as well as a guided Tour (check here).

To make sure you get the right ticket according to your wishes, read on our article on the best way to visit the Roman Colosseum here.

Discover an Arch of Titus tour you don’t want to mis

If you want to understand more about the history, then why not consider that tour. Tours usually take in the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Arch too. The tours usually stop by the Arch for about 15 minutes, before moving on to other sights such as the Arch of Constantine.

Info about Triumphal Arch of Titus Map & Location

The location is on the Via Sacra, 00186 Rome, Italy. It is located just south east of the Roman forum.

Take the metro to Colosseo for just €2. Check out the precise location on this map here.


frequently asked questions faq visit colosseum rome

What is the Arch of Titus?

It is a commemorative arch, located in Rome. It is an important historical feature and prominent architectural emblem on the Roman landscape.

Where is Arch of Titus?

You can find it on the Via Sacra, South East of the Roman Forum. You can take the metro direct to the Colosseo station for just €2.

Why was the arch of Titus constructed?

It was built by Emperor Domitian to commemorate his brother Titus and victory over Jerusalem.

What was the Arch of Titus used for?

The Arch of Titus was built to celebrate the victory in Jerusalem, but also to stamp the dominance of the Flavian dynasty.

When was the Arch of Titus built?

The Arch of Titus was completed in 81AD. It was then restored in the 19th Century.

Who built the Arch of Titus?

Emperor Domitian had built it in honour of his brother Titus and father Vespasian.


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