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Colosseum tours at night: why Colosseum by night worth it

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The Colosseum is impressive at any time of day, but at night, it’s somehow even more magical. When the sun sets, the huge amphitheatre is lit up from within, so it’s beautifully illuminated.

But you don’t just have to admire it from nearby, you can actually visit and go inside the Colosseum at night. The dark makes the visit even more authentic, as you’re cast back to the gloomy gladiator days, when men and animals would have fought and been slaughtered in the arena.

So how can you visit Colosseum at night? The answer is by joining a Colosseum night tour. Here’s everything you need to know about how to visit Colosseum at night.

Why visit Colosseum at night ?

Almost alone with a Colosseum tour at night

A Colosseum night tour is a great way to enjoy a crowd-free Colosseum experience. Crowds are often the worst part of visiting an iconic monument – they block your views, and it’s hard to get a good picture without a random tourist’s head making an appearance. But at night, only a few tour groups are allowed into the Colosseum, so it’s a great chance to enjoy the amphitheatre in peace. You’ll also get some great travel photos.

Discover hidden areas

Visiting the Colosseum at night also gives you the chance to explore areas of the Colosseum that aren’t open to the general public. You’ll get to see the underground Colosseum, known as the hypogeum, where gladiators waited to enter the arena for battle.

At night this underground area is even more atmospheric, as you explore the dimly lit underground passages you’ll walk the path that so many gladiators walked before they met their end.

And with a knowledgeable guide leading the way, you’ll learn all about the history and architecture, and if you’ve got any questions, your guide will have the answers.

colosseum tours at night underground

When is the best time to visit the Colosseum at night ?

The Colosseum night tours are mainly available during the summer months, so whilst it involves visiting the Colosseum during peak season, you’ll get an off-peak experience by visiting after the official closing hours.

The cool, but still warm evening temperature also makes it a great alternative to exploring in the blazing heat.

colosseum tours at night Summer Month rome

What to expect from a night tour of the Colosseum ?

Colosseum tours at night last around two and a half hours, and during that time you’ll see the Colosseum at its finest, lit up with dazzling yellow lights under a canopy of stars.

You’ll have an English-speaking guide lead you through the different parts of the Colosseum, including the underground passageways, whilst telling stories of the Colosseum’s glory days. You’ll learn about the battles, the executions, and you’ll see where the upper marble seats would have been, and the lower class wooden benches.

The night time tour will bring history to life with chilling tales set in the shadowy passages and historic arena. With less people around, you’ll be able to more vividly imagine what the Colosseum was like.

colosseum tours at night

How to book a Colosseum night tour ?

So you’ve decided to visit the Colosseum by the light of the moon, but first you need to secure your tickets.

You can book your tickets online for just six euros more than a standard day ticket. So for just six extra euros you get to see the Colosseum beautifully illuminated, without bustling crowds. And that even includes access to the underground Colosseum – something that isn’t included with standard entrance tickets.

Does the Roma Pass give you any money off a Colosseum night tour ?

Rome-tourist-passes save you time and money. The Roma Pass can be bought from any official tourist office, and it’s a great solution for anyone on a budget.

It gives you daytime access to the Colosseum and one other attraction of your choice, as well as discounts on hundreds of other attractions.

The card is also valid for either 48 or 72 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to make the most of the discounts and free attraction entrances.

However, the Roma Pass can’t be used for Colosseum tours at night. For this you’ll need to pay full price for a night tour. But you can use it as a travel card, so you’ll save money traveling to your Colosseum night visit, and you’ll save your Roma Pass free entrance for another top attraction.

colosseum tours at night Roma Pass


Rome’s Colosseum is even more beautiful at night. As the yellow lights illuminate the amphitheatre within, the Colosseum appears glowing and triumphant, standing tall above the streets of Rome.

But to fully experience the beauty of the Colosseum, you need to do more than just admire it from afar, you need to book a Colosseum night tour.

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